With three year,THEAOSON has made a breakthrough development in Nanxiong

On December 8, 2014, Guangdong THEAOSON was officially established in Nanxiong chemical industry park.With the sonorous footsteps booming aerosol industry and industrial reform, theTHEAOSON ushered in the 3rd anniversary birthday.In the past three years,THEAOSON has achieved rapid development in Nanxiong,and gradually formed the whole industry chain aerosol manufacturing group center. Which integrates production, R & D, sales and value-added services.


THEAOSON, a new factory starts to produce on Dec 8, 2014.



In 2016,THEAOSON held the national aerosol seminar, explored the new mode of cooperation, and successfully acquired two subsidiaries of Hua Kai and Qing song. Enterprise begans to enter the new stage of transformation and upgrading.



On Dec 8, 2017, THEAOSON usher in the "new three board" and "three years old" birthday and complete the historical transformation of "entity + capital + platform" ,

three years's development, a long journey, and encourage. Standing at a new starting point, a new level to a higher goal, THEAOSON creative thinking under the guidance that help the whole industry to improve the integration and continue to promote sharing, to achieve the great goal of becoming the first Chinese whole industry chain aerosol manufacturing group center and so on .